My weekend of “woman-cold”

November 12, 2013

Dear Max

On Friday afternoon, after a trip to a place of safety in Atteridgeville, I came home with a scratchy throat and feeling the onset of a cold sweeping over me.

I dealt with it as I do with every onset – chug down a Corenza C and an ACC 200. I though a glass of whiskey at a hotel with friends would kick it too, but it didn’t. I ran the next day and felt okay’ish, and then came home to chug more Corenzas and ACCs.

I was planning on going out and getting stuff done, but I was exhausted and knew I *needed* a time out. Watching series, resting and getting through a small mountain of work on the couch, albeit with a head cold.

I missed a day with you, but my loss was your gain – I’m pretty sure I would have been grumpier and even less capable of answering all your questions.

I have a big and great week coming up that includes a trip to Durban to take part in the BlogOlympics. I’m not sure what this involves but I’m scared. They might ask me to try catch or throw a ball (or kick it – gasp!). We are competing in teams and thank G-d I’m in the Joburg team already – I was starting to have flashbacks of being chosen last for every school PT activity and sport. On that note, I hope things have changed at school and that teams during PT are being chosen randomly. Whose cruel idea was it to get the cool kids to choose their teams?

Here’s hoping for full head-cold recovery soon. I need all my faculties and to be as sharp as possible for team sports on Wednesday (and possibly getting hit on the face with a ball – I’m that person, usually) 🙂



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