Since your first breath… reflections before your fourth birthday

September 20, 2013
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Dear Max

Since your first breath, you have:

– Given me the chance to be a child again

– Filled space with laughter and good energy

– Shown compassion beyond your years

– Inspired me to write and blog

– Motivated me to try to be a little kinder where possible

– Taught me that things can’t always be controlled

– Grown my heart

– Taught me more patience, endurance and negotiation skills

– Reminded me that patience, endurance and negotiation skills really should be taught in antenatal classes

– “Repaired” me and your dad in many ways

– Given richness and fulfilment to those who look after you

– (Contributed to toy shops and sushi restaurants reaching their month-end targets)

Your birthday posts have become among my favourites to write. I sit, picture you in the crook of my arm when you were born, and wonder how so much has evolved and grown, and how privileged I am to stand behind you as you blow out your candles at another of your parties.

Your birthday makes me teary in a good way (ie not the ugly cry variety, but the “wow, how absolutely happy and moved I am  right now).

You could never know how much I love you, how much of my heart envelops you, and how your little spirit is so large.

Thank you for choosing me, and for giving me another wonderful year as your mom. I love you my son. My sun.




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  • Kim Muller

    Love that last bit “I love you my son. My sun.” As a mom to a boy I can so relate to that. Congratulations on another year as a mom added to your belt 🙂 and Happy Birthday to Max!

    September 20, 2013 at 12:30 pm Reply
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