On flying “solo”, Instagram perfection, and re-emergence

September 10, 2013


Dear Max

So we’re back from our little adventure (advenshaaa) in Cape Town and it was a goodie. As I was pushing you and my overpacked luggage up the ramp to the rental car area in a bit of a sweat, I realised it was our first trip away together. Just us. And therein lied the “liberation” of confidence building of guiding our trip solo, carrying our bags up flights of stairs, and just “being”.

You were amazing on this trip – chilled, chatty and ultra cute. You spent time with your uncles and aunt, grandpa and “Granny Annie” (my ex-stepmom – how’s that for a title?).

We saw fish, travelled on a boat, ran by the sea, built Lego (okay, maybe this wasn’t me, but rather your uncle), snuggled, and spoke about stuff (I had to Google many answers to your myriad questions).

After being in a bit of a dark shadow for a while before our trip, this time in Cape Town gave me some light and a lift. Maybe it was time with my siblings who remind me the importance of laughter and not taking life too seriously. Maybe it was running alongside the most magnificent scenery and feeling both grounded and uplifted by it, or maybe it was someone special trying to help me see myself for what I might be.

Thanks my little dude for being a breath of fresh air, and for trying to help wherever you could – whether it was putting on your seatbelt, touching the luggage as part of your lifting efforts, or telling me when to stop at red lights, and when to go through green.

And now we have a red-hot party to think about – your 4th birthday fire engine party. More sentimental fourth milestone posts to follow…

Love Mom















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