Despite the weather, we had a sizzling time

September 26, 2013

Disclaimer: these pics were mostly taken by me. For professional pics that make the party look better than my untrained eye did, check out Rattle and Mum.


Dear Max

I’m writing this post with red velvet birthday cake crumbs next to me, and happy to have a great party under our belts (mine seems to be ever tightening – it might have to do with the cake?)

On probably the coldest day this September, we had your party at Sandton Fire Station. We invited your class and some of our friends and their kids, and while several couldn’t make it as it was kinda a long weekend, there were a lot of little hands grabbing sweets on the day.

I get a little anxious before birthday parties, and I’m often thinking “What if there’s not enough food?”, “What if everyone comes?”, “What if no one comes?”, “What if no one has a good time?”, “What if someone doesn’t have someone else to speak to?”.

It helps that I don’t really do anything on the day – the food, decor, photography and entertainment were totally out my hands, and all I had to do was co-ordinate, fetch, pack some stuff, and do minor shopping.

So, on the “minus” side:

– I got bitten by a dog before the party

– It was cold but I *had to* wear my summer dress because that’s what I bought last week, and I couldn’t deviate from my party dress.  A lesson – warmth trumps aesthetic plans

– I left the coffee at home (the caffeine version)

– I forgot to bring knives

– I didn’t bring enough mugs

– I didn’t bring enough bubbly

On the “plus” side:

– Brilliant food

– Great entertainment in the form of cookie making

– Wonderful decor that everyone raved about

– Great company

And the thing I tend to forget, is that beyond the coffee and cupcakes, it’s a celebration. And a celebration this was. Of one little boy in his fireman suit (worn for three days before the party, and a gift from your bestie Levi), who turned four, and rocked a day in his usual chilled self. Of one little boy who ate, rode in the fire engine five times, made cookies, blew out the candle that he bought in excitement three weeks ago, and who was just happy on the day. And so content.

To many more parties of contentment, candles and caffeine…







PS: In case anyone is interested, here is my list of suppliers from the day:

My little black book:

Decor: Nadia – 083 200 2862

Food and cake: Belles Patisserie

Photography: Catherine Scott

Cookie baking: Noogieville

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  • ShaneBunyan

    that’s nice that you thought about max he misses you a lot

    September 27, 2013 at 10:34 am Reply
  • Jenn (Student Mom)

    Wow. They let you have a party at a firehouse? How awesome is that?!

    October 9, 2013 at 1:24 pm Reply
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