The late weekend post I forgot to publish

July 25, 2013

Dear Max

Right now you’re sleeping next to me (yes, I know, not great, but I just couldn’t face the whining, especially since it’s really cold in the house and it was warm in bed). You didn’t bath and you’re in your truck pyjamas circa 2012 (yes, the truck pyjamas you went to school in every day for around three months).

Even though my weekends are a bit of a mixed bag these days, we had a good one.

Here’s how it went:

The cool

– An amazing photography workshop with Epson, led by Jeanette, who featured you in a blog post she wrote about the event here. I picked up some great tips, but my photos were still quite kak, so it’s a work in progress. (Thanks to Gina for sharing her pics of us on the day, otherwise I’d have NOTHING).

– A visit to WODAC (World of Dogs and Cats), courtesy of Ford. You had a great time milling around, and a little ironic that at a dog and cat show, your favourite part was the snakes, lizards and other reptiles I pretended to like and not find creepy. You also spent most of the show looking for a doggie balloon, and then when we did get one, you walked it and were quite thrilled at having your own “dog” on a string.

– Running a mostly offroad race in Midrand. It was quite tough pushing you on the trail bits, and even tougher getting past people on the narrow paths. You were awesome little dudelet – patient and polite in your jogger, and lots of fun to run with (ie barely push up a hill, but freewheeling on the downs).


The average

– Car still in panelbeater. I know it’s not a real “problem”, but I miss the car. And I didn’t cause the smash in the first place.

– I’m battling to find the weekend and work balance. I’m not getting everything done during the week, so I’m not “relaxing” (what is this, really?), or spending as much time with you as I’d like. Work in progress, I guess (more work!)




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