Some things don’t change, like childhood fun

July 2, 2013

Dear Max

On the weekend you experienced something that was so much a part of my life when I was a child – a visit to Gold Reef City (you’re probably marvelling that Gold Reef City was even around when I was a kid so long ago, but yup, it really was).

You had a superb time, and I had a great time living it through you, and going on “your” rides (while having a great excuse to skip the Very Scary Adult Rides).

Gold Reef City reminds me of school tours there, hanging out with my friends in high school when I had the constitution for rollercoaster rides and dodgem cars, dummy sweets that lasted the entire day and then some, horse carriages, and going with my dad and whoever visited us from Israel on holiday.

On the weekend, you went on your first rollercoaster ride (one made just for little people), you went on a train ride, played with real snow at the Winter Wonderland, rode on a carousel horse, chatted all about the animals at the mini zoo, and held onto a bag of pink candyfloss almost the entire morning, until I ate it all.

Thanks for the ride dude – you were so much fun to hang around.

x Mom


Sadly, I didn’t win one of these


A snowman at Winter Wonderland


A selfie before our first rollercoaster ride


The ice cream that almost took over your face


My childhood (and dental cavities) was made up of these…


And these…


Lip-smacking fun


Max, the Gold Reef City GPS


I look like I’ve just won the lottery, don’t I?


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