A heartwarming story of a little dude and his best friend

July 11, 2013

Dear Max

Until this year at nursery school, you’ve pretty much been much of a loner. You have played alongside kids, but rather indifferently. You have never been a follower, nor particularly interested in what other children are doing, wearing or saying.

It worried me for a while – I thought something was amiss, that you weren’t developing at the right pace (whatever this actually means), and that you were very antisocial.

But this year, you found a special boy as your best friend – someone with similar blonde curly hair you used to have, someone who is kind and cute, someone who digs you, and someone who hasn’t had the easiest start in his little life.

You and Levi do cool things together (shows, picnics and playdates), and his mom Aviva (Awiva, as you say) is becoming a firm friend of mine. And the other night, as I drove you both home from Disney on Ice, the two of you reminded me of an old married couple, and I chuckled in the front, as an observer of your squabbles, conversation and concern.

It all went something like this:

Levi: I saw a lion

Max: Ooooh.

Levi: It’s my birthday next month.

Max: How old are you turning?

Levi: Four. Max, do you want to come to my party?

Max: Yes! It’s my birthday tomorrow (Note: everything in the future for you is “tomorrow”)

Levi, thinking that tomorrow is actually tomorrow: No it’s not!

Max: Yes it is! My birthday’s tomorrow. In September

Levi: I’m turning four Max!

Max: I’m already three. I just saw a baby lion!

Levi: Max, do you want to come to the zoo with me?

Max: Yes! (then makes a fart sound at Levi)

Levi: Stop it Max! It’s my birthday next month. You can’t do that!

Max: Yes I can! (repeats another fart sound at Levi)

Levi: Maaaax!

Max: Bwahahaha

What a wonderful friend you have. And the other day, Aviva sent me a message that read: “Levi asked the other day ‘Is Max our family?’. ‘No’, I said. And then Levi replied ‘Aaaaghh. I want him to be my family’“.

I guess our good friends do become our family. I’m glad we’ve found ours.


PS: You taught Levi the “f” word. I’m not impressed. I don’t know where you would have heard such a word. Oh fuk, I think it was me.



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