Sorry it’s been so long, but…

June 11, 2013


Dear Max

Sorry it’s been so long but I’ve been quite occupied looking after you while your dad is away. And it feels like since I got back from that very long run in Durban, I haven’t stopped running, metaphorically.

You’re also going through a beeeg “mommy” stage and there are tears or sadness whenever I’m not in a 10cm radius of you. I’m not sure if it’s an age/stage thing, if it’s just because I was away for a weekend, or whether I’m just so awesome you want to be around me the whole time (haha!)

You’re doing great aside from being attached to my hip. You’re speaking better, you chat every day about what you want to be when you’re grownup, and you’re still eating chocolate cake or ice cream for breakfast, and sushi or salad for supper. I guess the more things change in life, the more things stay the same.


About that run, it was my hardest ever. Every step was a mission, and it was a hard, hot and cruel day. I lost my sense of humour for the most part, and felt kak from before halfway. My legs were *okay* and I wasn’t injured, but my energy was low, and fatigue and nausea high. But your mom slogged on with the help of some very wonderful people on the side of the road and in my phone.

I’m glad it’s behind me, I’m glad I’m recovered, and I’m relieved I still love running and have planned my first run this week.

Love you dude




Us on the Hyundai balloon – I was scared for takeoff, you weren’t at all

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