Practising the “art” of being a racehorse and ignoring the noise

June 25, 2013


Dear Max

So I’m trying a new approach in life – it’s called putting my head down, and attempting to block out the noise, criticism, advice etc that don’t work for me. And by “don’t work”, I mean hurt me or make me question everything I do.

But boy it’s tough. It’s like having a toddler going through a meltdown in the car or in the shopping centre and you’re trying to play it cool, pretending it doesn’t exist, and trying to see it through calmly because you know that nothing will silence or stop the behaviour.

I’m trying to be that horse on the field with the blinkers – those things that prevent a horse from seeing its rear, or what’s on the side, and which supposedly helps keep the horse focused on what’s ahead, without being spooked or distracted by what’s on the sides.



And it’s hard sometimes. Hard to not get obsessed with the other horses (people) and what they’re doing, hard to ignore the booing and the fact that not everyone is betting on me, hard to see the finish line, hard to not get spooked out by what’s around me.

And I don’t want to be an ignorant horse, so I try to take a little bit in, without taking it all on. And there are plenty neigh-sayers (I couldn’t resist), long-faced people (again), and people on their high horses (and again). And there always will be.

But whereas I would get bogged down on the ride, I’m trying to put my head down so to speak and run to my finish as best as I can. Little dude, I hope that you won’t get too weighted down by the noise. That you will hear it, and move on anyway. It’s deafening at times, but see it for what it is.

Giddy up…




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