Our first teacher-parent meeting

June 27, 2013


Dear Max

So yesterday we had our first teacher-parent meeting, for which I was utterly petrified. What if we discovered “problems”, heard about unruly behaviour, or found out you had learning problems (none of which I *know* is true, but still).

I guess I’m worried too that any problems will be my fault – that I didn’t speak to you enough, read enough, play outside enough, throw enough balls, or encourage you to practise your gross motor skills enough (I sometimes forget what gross motor skills are, let alone how to stimulate them).

But despite my anxiety about anything that we were missing, your report was great, and you’re on track with most of your milestones. You can write your name, you know my name and surname, you can jump, you can throw and catch a ball (thanks to your dad’s genes), you can count, recognise numbers, tell stories and remember pictures.

But these are all things I know. What I didn’t know is how your teachers see you – polite, kind, and “wise beyond your years”. I read this words and burst into tears from pride. More important than being able to hop on one leg (that will come, I’m sure) is that you’re kind, empathetic and understand things differently, and a little deeper.

Turns out you’re also very chilled at school – no hitting, biting, tantrums, disobedience or time-outs. Who knew?

Well done for your progression (noted by your teachers), manners and compassion. I’m so proud and privileged to be your mom.




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