Where the f*&% do all the blankies go?

May 16, 2013


Dear Max

Look at these pictures carefully… what can you see in all of them, aside from cute you as a toddler?


The answer is the Sleep Sense taglet, aka your “dudu”. I gave you your first hit of dudu when you were a few months old (having received a few and bought one or two) when I was pregnant.

You love your dudu(s) a lot, and started getting attached from around the age of two. It’s your security blanket, and it’s what you sleep with, feeling the tags while you fall asleep, and clutching it against your face and neck in the night.

Now, I’m not lying or exaggerating when I say we have probably “lost” around 35 dudus in the last few years. Where they go is a complete mystery. I realise, that like lipgloss, lipstick or socks, things get lost/misplaced/left in pockets/misplaced.

But we’re at critical levels now – there’s only one at our house, and one at your dad’s house, after topping up with three new ones three weeks ago. And they’re not cheap. And once or twice, I’ve tried giving you a VERY SPECIAL pashmina, or piece of fabric, but you won’t cross over.

Today I had to drop an emergency dudu off at your dad, and the other night your dad raced here to drop off a dudu because we were out and I was putting you to sleep, and because you had shunned all my scarves, pashminas and other brands of taglets.

So, where are all the dudus going? You don’t take them to school, I doubt anyone would steal taglets with “Max” written on both sides in black marker, and I’m quite sure you don’t give them away.

Although Gina our dog has been known to rip things apart, she doesn’t really swallow them, and we haven’t come across any shards of dudu. You are also pretty good at keeping each dudu on hand when we go out, though lately you just use them at home.

So, like existential questions such as “who are we?” and “why are we here”, here’s my question: “WTF do all the dudus go?”

Yours in searching,


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