What I want you to be when you’re grown up

May 23, 2013

Dear Max

Lately you’ve started chatting about what you want to be when you grow up. Perhaps you’re having these conversations at school, or maybe you’re starting to think about the cool grownups you see on documentaries, apps and in real life.

Each week it changes, and on the weekend you told me you wanted to be a scuba diver.

Last week it was astronaut.

And for a few months before that it was a pilot.

And before that it was truck driver.

And at one point you wanted to be a rubbish truck driver.

But during one of our bathtime conversations recently, when I asked what you wanted to be when you were “grown up”, you said “an adult”. How smart and what a profound wish! Many grown ups I know aren’t so adult-like for many reasons. And being an adult is hard. But you mostly get to eat ice cream for breakfast if you like, and drive, and choose your destination in life.

I don’t really mind how you choose yours – I guess I just want you to be happy, and be kind and good to others around you. And just so you know, I’ve been on a scuba diving course and felt claustrophobic and panicked throughout – I might have even asked the dive master to hold my hand every time I went in the water. So, if you choose to be a scuba diver, I might not come to visit you in your workplace. Just saying.


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