Part two of why being an adult sucks sometimes

May 10, 2013

Dear Max

So after my last post I received lots of virtual hugs, and interestingly, some comments from moms who have gone through or are going through similar things with their moms.

I don’t write to get attention, and I tend to deduct a lot of the “drama” and very heavy feelings from my life, but writing online does help me feel less alien with my emotions (which I often feel a bit guilty about).

So, Granny is out the hospital and back home recovering. It took us about two hours in hospital to get her packed, discharged and into the car. She is quite immobile, and three of us had to get her into her wheelchair when she got home. She was so happy to get home, and has been set up in a room downstairs to facilitate her moving around.

You were so patient during our shlep to get her home. I promised a quick visit, but you were patient and awesome, and kept me from losing my shit or leaking some tears while I battled with procedures and the settling of bills and signouts.

And then we hit our favourite comfort food, sushi, for a treat. Somehow so many things end in food, whether it’s a celebration, sadness, stress or “just because” (this could explain why I might always have a few kilograms to lose).

It’s been a challenging few days. I’m glad to have my Hello Kitty pyjamas, my son and some loved ones for comfort and comic relief.



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