Conversations in the car: Fireman Sam, the Standard Bank building and bad drivers

April 25, 2013


Dear Max

One of the best parts of my day is taking you to school (on the days you aren’t moaning about going there, that is). We have great conversations on the way to school, and usually you’re alert, very chatty, and full of questions and observations. Many days we repeat the same sentiments, but other days there are some new quips and songs.

Mostly, a regular conversation would go like this:

Mom: Look, the robot isn’t working again.

Max: Oh no! I’ll call Fireman Sam. (Max speaking in hushed tone in his make-believe phone: “Sam, come fix the robot. Bring Tom. Goodbye. See you soon”

Mom: Oh look, there’s a huge digger!

Max: It’s not a digger. It’s an excavator (Note: I really should know this by now. You point this out daily)

Mom: (Hearing ad on radio, possibly for Wonga, to the tune of Old McDonald, starts singing). Old McDonald had a farm…

Max: Eeyieeyioooo

Mom: And on that farm he had a…

Max: Snake

Mom: Eeyieeyioooo

Max: With a…

Mom: Ssss

Max: Here

Mom: And a sss

Max: There

Mom: Here a

Max: Ssss

Mom: There a

Max: Ssss

Mom: Everywhere a

Max: Ssss Ssss

(repeat with gecko, lizard and spider)

Max: Mom! Why you hooting? (usually asked on Oxford Road)

Mom: Because that man went through the red robot, and almost caused an accident

Max: Oh shame. That’s terrible.

Max: (While passing the new Standard Bank building) Mom! Look! There’s a Bobcat Skid Steer! And that man is digging.

Mom: Wow! And look how the building is taking shape. Can you see the escalators inside?

Max: Wow…

Max: Mom, you’ll stay with me at school for a wittle bit?

Mom: Of course my poppet. I always do.

Max: Yaaay! See mommy, I’m not scared or crying

Mom: I know MaxPax. But you know, it’s okay to be scared, and it’s okay to cry.

Max: (While driving into school) Be careful not to drive over the bunnies. Don’t run over the bunnies!

(Note: Max, you have the memory of an elephant. ONCE, just ONCE, I ALMOST ran over a bunny who darted across my driving path at breakneck speed).

How I love our journeys together…



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