7 things that happened last week (that I didn’t blog about)

April 17, 2013

Dear Max

The last week and a half or so have been filled with you being sick, and me being thrown as a result. I experienced your first fever, your refusal to take meds by mouth (not even buckling to lures of Lego, sushi and milkshakes). After two trips to the paed (also a first for us – we only go to the paed for your annual checkups), you are on the mend, and your bronchitis and chronic constipation are hopefully behind us. At the ass end of things.

Here’s what else happened last week:

– I got a bit sick too: cough, cold and blahness. I treated it with an assortment of meds recommended by Twitter, and I felt so much better. I still have the cough when I exercise, and might suck up my pride and go to a doctor to treat it. I had it before and during Comrades last year, and it was crap.

– I went to Cape Town for the launch of the new Ford Kuga. What a cool car! It’s on my “Mom’s next car” wishlist, along with the Mercedes Benz B Class.


– I saw my dietitian and got a rude awakening with a weight gain. I don’t know what I weigh or how much I’ve put on because I insisted on turning away from the scale. I hate carrying extra, I hate that I’m not reaching my goal, and I hate that I eat mindlessly. I’m trying to get back on the road and keeping food records (a stark exercise in humiliation when I’m writing down things like 6 plums, or a huge tube of choc chip yoghurt, or 14 sugar-free sweets).

– We had a chef from McCain come and cook for us. It was quite a treat, and you scoffed the beer-battered fish.


– I officially and properly decided to run Comrades. I’ve been debating, and I’ve been on the fence, but I’m so keen to run it again.

– I ran the SlowMag Marathon, in an unspectacular time, and feeling spectacularly crap. I started off with a cold, and battled a bit with a tight chest and cough.

– You have been whining about getting a skateboard, and I’ve resisted because a) the ones I’ve seen are expensive and b) I think you’re too young and I’m not sure what you would do with it. This challenge was solved when Saul found you a little R80 skateboard. So far, you aren’t interested in riding it. You are simply holding it close, and i won’t be surprised if you insist on bathing with it, and sleeping with it.

I hope you get fully better soon, and that we can get back into a healthier routine.


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