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March 14, 2013



Dear Max

The biggest news right now is that you have a friend. A friend who we now have playdates with, who you cry for when you leave, and who gets you. It warms me a lot. You’re pretty comfortable in your skin, and hang out with kids, but for a moment there I thought you weren’t going to make “that friend” or want to hang out with anyone in particular.

The good news is that your new bestie’s mom is wonderful too – so it’s a win-win for both of us. And we’re both happy you’ve found each other, and that we can hang out and have a glass of wine together too.

In other news, I took you to see Nikki for a speech and hearing assessment last week. The school alerted me that you could do with an assessment, so I hastily and guiltily made an appointment. See, I take it on that you can’t see your “Ls”, and I feel that maybe I went wrong in getting you to this place.

It turns out that these things happen, and this is not “my fault”, and your speech will probably correct itself. If not, we’ll look at therapy when you’re four. You’ve already started practising your “Ls” but still can’t use them in a word. So for example, you call a lizard a wizard, and when you practise, you now say “La-wizard”. Or “I la-wuv you”. It’s very cute, and a little French, and I’m sure you’ll get there. In your own time, as with everything else.

We have some cool things to look forward to “tomorrow” (everything in the future for you is “tomorrow”, including all your birthdays) – a trip to Cape Town for Two Oceans, another visit to visit the lion cubs at Thaba ya Batswana, a Lindt Gold Bunny evening (they had me at chocolate). Next month I’ll be launching another blog, and it seems I’ve decided to do Comrades. Kinda.

I la-wuv you so much,



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