A big heart in such a small dude

March 19, 2013

Dear Max

On Saturday we went to Thaba ya Batswana again to play with the lion cubs, and on the way to fetch our friends Lee and Aaron, I told you that Lee had broken her foot and couldn’t drive. To which you replied “Oh shame. That’s tewwible”.

And then you asked what had happened, and then again repeated “Oh shame”.

You’re so sweet, and I believe you have a great sense of empathy already in that little body. When I am sad, you pick up on it, and often stroke my cheek and tell me I’ll feel better. Somehow you just *know* when I’m down, or worried, and find the right words to ease me.

When your teacher Wendy was sick recently, you asked her for several days if she was better, and if she needed to go to the doctor.

At the robot last week, you told me that the beggar had no toys or money, and that we should give him some.

On Friday mornings, you rush to the charity boxes to deposit some coins for the “poor doggies”, or the “poor children” or the “old people”.


Every time you see the scars on my knees (from some falling on some runs), you ask what happened and if I’m better now.

I hope your heart continues to grow as you do, and that your empathy doesn’t get broken along the way. And remember always: compassion and kindness will seldom get rewarded, and that marks and achievements will come first. I don’t think I ever did see a report that said “Shows empathy in class. Keep up the good effort”.

But your heart will win. Keep caring – it’s a rare and wonderful trait to have. And FYI, there’s not a day that goes past that you don’t remind me to try do the same.



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  • shane

    how cute

    March 20, 2013 at 12:28 pm Reply
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