Patting lion cubs, and other things we’ve been up to lately

February 20, 2013


Dear Max

The picture above shows you in the lion den. Sort of. Actually, you were in a little lion reserve in Thaba Ya Batswana in the south of Joburg, where there’s an educational centre and a chance to play with some cubs.

Despite my crapola mood on Saturday, we went to the reserve, to a beautiful part of the south. Thaba Ya Batswana is part of the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, and houses cubs between the ages of four to five weeks until they are up to six months.

While we were there, you marvelled a lot at how “cyooot” they were, and while you were a bit apprehensive at first to touch them, you eventually patted them (all patting and interaction is done with guides watching).

A very playful cub, who we were told was quite boisterous, took hold of your shirt and you were so calm. I worried that you would panic, and agitate the friendly cub, but instead you stood peacefully before the cub let go and played with his real toy.



In other news, I’m feeling lots better since my last post, and I’m busy lining up some more work, getting my nails painted before our trip next week, and hopefully running another marathon on Saturday. I’m still undecided about Comrades, and not really running during the week owing to laziness, but we’ll see.

You are enjoying school and your extra mural activities, and having fewer meltdowns in the morning when you’re dropped off. You enjoy leaving carrots for the rabbits in the playground, and last week you ate so many carrots on the way to school, we were left with only a small offering for the bunnies.

Other news includes you choosing to get out of nappies during the day (we pretty much skipped the potty-training phase), and an assessment with the speech and hearing therapist.

I’ll blog about both soon.

Big roaring love,


Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.22.18 PM


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