My parenting bucket list. What would yours look like?

February 14, 2013
images (3)Dear Max

Many people compile a bucket list – a list of things to do before they die. Some compile specific ones – for example a bucket list for before they hit 40, or before they get married.

I recently came across a Parenting Bucket List at The Eco Friendly Family, about things one mom wanted to do with her kids, kind of like a longer-term to-do list. I was inspired to do the same here – write a list of things I want to do with you. Even though I might not achieve them, and that this list will probably be ever-evolving, it’s cool to dream, and to try make plans too.

Here’s my Parenting Bucket List for now:

– Run a race together

– Take you to Disneyworld and Epcot

– Visit the Kruger National Park

– See the Northern Lights


– Write something together

– Stay at the Legoland Hotel


– Go to Poland then Israel

– Do a great charity or upliftment project

– Bake a cake


Moms, what would be on your Parenting Bucket List?

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