And just like that, you’re (mostly) out of nappies

February 26, 2013

Dear Max

I’m learning more and more that you tend to do things in your own time. You’re not a follower, nor are you bothered what others are doing that you’re not doing. Each time I worry that you’re lagging, you suddenly leap.

It happened with crawling, walking and talking. You were a tad “late” by strict milestone standards, but it seemed that there was no in between – one moment you weren’t, and then you were. A lot.

The same thing has happened with your potty training. Or rather, the transition from nappy to underpants. See, we had no coaxing, cajoling and “training” you to use a potty or the loo. You kind of just did it. And with credit to your teachers too who herd all the kids to the loo very regularly. One minute you were wearing nappies, and the next, Woolies underpants in reds, blues and stripes (and even a Ben Ten pair – I have no idea how that got in the good batch).

There have been slip-ups and poops outside the front door, plus a near pee in Sandton City, but you’ve done brilliantly. I’m still putting a nappy on you at night, but the last three mornings, you have woken up dry.

I cannot take credit for your development. All I have done is buy you underwear, give you lots of high fives, ensure you wash your hands after each loo visit, and run with you to the bathroom in shopping centres praying that you won’t pee on me or on the restaurant floor.

Well done my little big dude. Another beeeg milestone. Tick.

Love Mom

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