Put your hands up for Detroit (#FordNAIAS)

January 17, 2013

The new Ford Atlas Concept (kind of like a beeeg bakkie)

Dear Max

So I’m back home after a brilliant trip whose travel time almost exceeded the time I was actually there. Okay, I exaggerate, but I was only in Detroit for around 55 hours, and travelling or in transit for about 45.

Anyway, despite lots of trepidation in taking the trip with Ford for the motor show, it was a brilliant experience. My reservations included more long travel, missing your first day of nursery school, and the fact that what I know about cars might not fit a Post-It note. See, up until a few days ago, important car specs for me included coffee-cup holders, airbags, colour, big boot, iPod connector, and sunglasses compartment.

But I’m learning a little more, I’m certainly no petrolhead or expert – I’m just learning to appreciate them more, and can finally see the drool factor of certain models and specs.

In the group, there were around 160 assorted bloggers from 10 countries. I was once again surprised to find a cross spectrum of bloggers – from mommy and tech to “green” and décor.

There was much eating, shopping (I was first on the bus for the trip to the mall, and pretty much sprinted to the iStore) and visiting cool places like the Henry Ford Museum and Rouge Ford Factory. To add to my Post-It of car knowledge, I learnt about sustainability and how cars like Ford are becoming more “eco-friendly” and fuel efficient.

And the show itself? Awesome. It was the equivalent of walking through an Istore, Converse shop, or Hello Kitty museum. I took pics of all the cars I found good looking, and had a few moments of swooning (see where my priorities mostly still lie?)

This was a wonderful ride, but it’s good to be home with my favourite travel companion, you.



This is my ultimate mommy car – the Ford Escape (Kuga)

Ford Mustangs

In my dreams…

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