Mom’s report: The first two weeks of nursery school

January 30, 2013


Dear Max

Can I tell how fricking happy I am right now? Well, you don’t have much choice since I am blogging about it now. Your first two weeks at your new school have been superb and I am proud, relieved and content.

You have settled in way better than I thought you would – I anticipated more tears and adjustment, but you’ve taken to the new environment really well. I don’t know why I worried so much – perhaps it’s because you’ve had so much change in your little big life, or maybe it’s because you’re quite independent and don’t easily slot in like other kids. But wow, you’ve shown me your mettle.

There have been two days, Fridays surprisingly, where you have lost your shit.

The first time I was taking you, and I carried you over my shoulder to your classroom as other parents looked empathetically (and probably thanking G-d it wasn’t them in the same heavy shoes). I spent about 20 minutes with you looking at the bunnies in the playground, and playing puzzles, but when I left, you crumbled again. Your wonderful teacher told me you settled well soon after, and I even got a message on my phone from the school letting me know that you were baking, and calm and content.



You have started swimming lessons (braving it to the second step), soccer (apparently you loved it), and Monkeynastix (I went with you and you clung to be the whole time), and this week you’re starting Be Sharp Beetles. You participate better when I’m not around, so for the sake of my sanity, your development and cost interests, I won’t be coming along. You seem to thrive better without me at your activities, so I’m sitting out for now.

What I am getting involved with is the school website, and have my first meeting this week. I think I might be better at it than decorating cakes prettily for the weekly cake sale.

Well done dude for finding your nursery-school feet so quickly, and for your resilience and participation.

Love you,


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  • Pamela

    It is amazing how they surprise us with their abilities. And seem to perform better when we are not around. Mine does it to me too.

    February 1, 2013 at 2:32 pm Reply
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