Why we won’t be entering the mom-son swimming race any time soon – #ClubMedMauritius

December 5, 2012

Dear Max

Just like celebs being shot without any makeup on, we were photographed in Mauritius by one of the resort’s photographers (they go around taking pics – I spent a small’ish fortune on our pics).

And if you look closely at this pic, you’ll see how scared you are venturing into the deep end, and how even more poep scared I am looking after a little being in the water. I’m a wimp in water. Sorry dude.

Fortunately we’re quite firm footed on land – check us out, walking back to our room.

And lastly, here’s our party face. You look pretty knackered after a busy day in the resort.

Thank you for an awesome trip, and for being so well mannered, so charismatic, and so brimming with love and empathy (each day you told me not to worry about my sunburn, that you’d give me cream and make it better).

Love Mom

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