“I’m scared of the wizard” – Days four, five and six: #ClubMedMauritius

December 2, 2012

Dear Max

Life is pretty swell now. We are relaxing, eating, swimming, reading and just hanging out. I am loving spending proper time with you without deadlines, alarms and distractions. Which is what holidays are all about, I guess.

You love the pancakes, soup (yes – this is one of your fave dishes), swimming, and running around by the pool with as little on as possible. You have shunned armbands, and are quite scared to go “deep” in the pool at first. I hope you are able to swim confidently sooner than I learnt (around the “old age” of about five – I remember hollering each time I got into water). You are fascinated by the birds, and freaked out when you saw a lizard (wizard) the other night. I think you now understand that the lizard is more scared of you, and therefore bolts every time.

This is the closest to Camp Kellermans (from Dirty Dancing) I think we’ll ever get. There are activities all the time, and you can take part in anything from trapeze to games to aqua aerobics to shows and disco every night. All that’s missing is the hot dance lead who gives dance lessons, but I’m sure if I look hard enough, he’s here.

A few days ago we left the resort on an excursion, and believe me when I tell you that for you, the highlight of any trip or holiday is usually the drive. If I had a dollar for every time you get excited and mention the digger/crane/truck/excavator/grader/bus you’ve seen, I’d be able to buy you a Lego City (which is something you’re half expecting after all your good behaviour).

Optional dress code, anyone?

Okay Max, I’m off to the gym now. And then a paddle ride in the sea with you later.

Yours in Paradise,


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