“I’m going on an aewoplane” – Day Seven, #ClubMedMauritius

December 4, 2012

Dear Max

It’s almost time to say au revoir, and our last day has been spent, wait for it… eating, relaxing, walking, swimming and reading.

Each day there’s a theme at the resort, and it was fitting that the last theme for our stay was “Mauritius”. They really make a huge effort on themed days – whether it’s decorations, optional dress code or entertainment.

You are very much like an island baby here – walking around barefoot, with as little as possible on (this is helping your toilet training immensely), getting some colour, and eating dripping watermelon and pancakes, with sugar and cinnamon sticking to your face.

And try as the staff do to entice you out your shell, you’re having none of it. They play peekaboo, greet you at meals, and try play with you, but like everything, it takes you a while to trust and get to know things. Just like it did in the beginning for you to find your feet. Now not only have you found your feet, but you are running around everything and prancing around the dining room like you own it. In fact, at lunch yesterday, you took a chair cushion and set it on the floor by our table, in the middle of the walkway, for some downtime with your milk and a piece of watermelon.

So if there’s anything I’ve picked up at Club Med (aside from weight), it’s the following:

  • It’s really easy to spot the French from the South Africa. It’s a new super-power I have, much like being able to spot Jewish people.
  • So many years of barmitzvahs, brises, and shul functions could not have prepared me for the six buffet stations with dozens of choices each.
  • Club Med is unlike any resort I’ve ever experienced. There is so much going on, all the time, and you can get as involved as you’d like. Staff are ultra friendly, and it’s not uncommon for them to socialise with guests. One of the photographers, Rodney, who took some snaps of you, was one of the most wonderful guys here, and you warmed up to him immediately.
  • I want to study French next year. I’ve been wanting to for years.
  • Secretly mocking the Brits for their sunburn when they go to sunny climates took a karmic turn. I got fried my first day in the sun!

What a wonderful time we had – thank you for the quality minutes and memories.

Yours in homecoming,


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  • shane

    the watermelon and pancakes sounds nice

    December 5, 2012 at 2:47 am Reply
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