Drinking beer, running, shopping and other things I’m doing in Rio #RioCorre10k

December 10, 2012

Ola Max!

This blog post finds me in Rio, with Nike to run the 10km race.

I came overpacked, missing you, and with little expectations, and I’ve been blown away. It could be the mix of good company, beautiful city, a brilliant race, and fab shopping (er, and lots of beer), but it’s been a superb trip.

We have walked, shopped (hello two more pairs of Converse high-tops!), eaten, run, drunk and done some sightseeing, and the city is at once vibrant and very chilled.

Walking through the streets, hanging out and running the race have given the impression that the people here are relaxed – there is no pretentiousness or “uptightness”, and everyone seems pretty happy in their skin. Heck, even the dogs look chilled – even the traditional yappers.

The race was an event that I’ll always consider a running highlight, and even though it was “only” 10km, they still made people feel like legends for finishing. It was another reminder, and I know I’ll rabbit on about this forever, that every kilometre is a triumph, and every finish a feat. I finished the race in under 60 minutes and it was good to push hard again. I don’t think I’ve pushed a 10km since around a year or two before you were born, so I was really happy.

After the race, we had lunch at a restaurant called Garota de Ipanema, where the song Girl from Ipanema was penned. It was a long and luxurious lunch with delicious steak and palm hearts, and plenty beer, and ended with a rare late-arvie nap.

Little dude, I miss you from Rio. Apparently you are asking where I am, which breaks my heart a little. Every child I see here reminds me of you, and I know you’d love all the construction sites and vehicles I’ve seen, plus all the fruit, coconut juice, and cheese bread.


Eu te amo,


Official race pictures via Nike

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  • Spiritedmama1

    How cool are you, dude!!!! Sounds like fun

    December 11, 2012 at 12:51 pm Reply
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