What kind of mother am I?

November 21, 2012

Dear Max

I’m working on a story that is roughly about what type of mothers there are, for example helicopter or pushover moms.

This article got me thinking about the type of mom I am. Obviously my definition will be very different from yours, and my friends’, and even the teachers/parents at school, and I guess everyone is going to have their own “truth” via what they see, experience and feel. On a less serious comparison, it’s probably how I see my thighs and butt, versus how others might see them – there’s always going to be a difference.

If someone had to ask me what type of mom I am, I’d probably say I’m mostly a Laidback Mom. I don’t really mind nor am I overly concerned about certain things. For example if you don’t eat supper (I assume you’ll eat when you’re hungry), if you don’t wear shoes, if you want to wear pyjamas most days, if you kiss the dog, if you go to sleep late (this has been a tough one at times, admittedly), if you go a day without bathing, if you don’t feel like taking part in activities.

But laidback has its limits – I’m strict on safety and manners, and I think if someone tried to bully you or hurt you, I’d be more fullback and less laidback.

And I reckon I’m likely to change. There will be BFF Mother moments – if we run together, go to movies, or play games, or I make you sit through Love Actually. There will be Granola Mother moments – when we recycle together, or when I try homeopathic remedies before conventional meds. There will be Overprotective Mother moments when or if I feel you’re going astray.

But for now, I’m mostly Laidback Mom – mostly trusting, letting go when it’s needed, holding tight when it’s called for, and protecting not overly so.

I hope I’m enough Mom.

Love you,


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  • Cath

    “I think if someone tried to bully you or hurt you, I’d be more fullback and less laidback” — this is why you rock. X

    November 21, 2012 at 9:55 am Reply
  • Elle H

    Such a lovely post! Think I ‘mother’ in much the same way.

    November 21, 2012 at 10:27 am Reply
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