The secrets of adulthood

November 12, 2012


Dear Max

So by now you probably know that life comes with its knocks, shocks and battles, and through this blog, as I try and get through my own knocks, shocks and battles, I try and impart some things that might help you through your own.

And hard as they might be to practise or even remember, here are some secrets of adulthood (and this is not the part where I tell you if G-d exists, or whether it was the tooth fairy or me who compensated you for your teeth that fell out – that’s for you to decide).


– Most people are frightened and insecure

– What you see on the surface is seldom what really is underneath

– Stress is fear

– It’s okay to trust and ask for help, even if you get let down a lot

– Life is tough

– Sometimes it’s easier being a child

– Sometimes it’s easier being an adult

– No one owes you anything

– Good manners, kindness and humility are essential tools for success

– There is nothing wrong with being “wrong”

– The world is not out to get you, even when it feels like it

– Small people will try to make you feel small

– If you want to lose weight, you need to eat less

– And finally, some adults have no idea what they’re talking about. So take this all with a pinch of salt 🙂



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