“Look, it’s Bob the Builder in the lighthouse” – Day three, #ClubMedMauritius

November 30, 2012

Dear Max

I don’t need to say we had another great day. It would be like saying pancakes go well with Nutella, or sugar and cinnamon. Pretty obvious, right.

I’m happy to report though that you seem to have a stronger constitution when it comes to boat travel than your parents do. But a Sturgeron before each boat trip did the trick for me. So this is how our Day Three read:

– 7am: Wake up with difficulty as we’re still kind of on South African time, which means we kind of woke up at 5am, after going to sleep at around 12am.

– 8.15: Eat breakfast. Your mom seems to be progressing with portion control – *only* two trips to the buffet table.

– 9am: Depart by boat for another Club Med resort, La Pointe aux Canonieres.

– 9.15am: You see a lighthouse, and a builder inside, and exclaim that it’s Bob the Builder. Huge whoops of delight follow.

– 9.30am: You spot ships and cranes. More huge whoops of delight follow.

– 10am: Arrival at Canonieres. Learn that many people come here to take part in watersports. Your mom feels that she would rather partake in eating and reading – she is not great in water.

10.15am: Take a tour of the resort, including the cool Kids’ Club, where there are cute babies and toddlers, and firetrucks that you can’t resist.

11am: Sit down to relax and read

12.30am: Lunch!!!! You have meltdown in the dining room because you’re so tired, and a few old French women gather around you trying to help.

12.35am: You fall asleep in the dining room

12.45am: You get transferred by your mom to a comfy lounger by the pool. Your mom also nods off

2pm: Wake up and play

3pm: Leave by boat back to our “home”.

3pm – 3.45pm: You ask where Bob the Builder is

3.45pm: You’re disappointed to see Bob the Builder has left the lighthouse

4pm: Arrive back at hotel

4pm – 5.30pm: Swim and eat pancakes

5.30pm – 7.30pm: Play with iPad, and read

7.30pm: Supper, where you eat sushi

8pm: Watch a play of Little Red Riding Hood in French. You adore it even though you don’t understand it. You don’t want to join in the dancing

8.30pm: Sleeptime (Bwahahaha – as if! Anyone who knows us well will know this isn’t true – you seldom go to sleep before 10pm)

9pm: Your moms gets prepped for the next day, ie charges all the iDevices.

Bon nuit!

After fiesta-siesta


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