90 years and going strong!

November 16, 2012

Dear Max

Yesterday was your great “gwanny” Elza’s birthday, a very special 90 years old.

Aunty Carla organised a party at Granny’s old-age home for all the residents, with some divine treats (good think these came AFTER the weigh-in with my dietitian).

Granny as always was appreciative – this time of the presents, wishes and party, and despite you telling me that you were going to sing “happy birthday”, you were a little shy and pretty much ignored the goings-on and attention lavished on you.

You weren’t feeling the social vibes

I wish you could have known your great granny as I knew her when I was a child. Granny Elza was the greatest gran growing up, and often filled in the gap as a mother when my mom was sick.

I will always remember her as the one who:

  • gave me my first Cabbage Patch Kid
  • had Kevin and I every second Saturday night for the best sleepovers
  • made memorable Sunday roasts
  • made cover-perfect croquembouches before people had even heard of them
  • cut watermelons in the shape of a basket and filling it with melon balls
  • taught me the legendary fudge recipe
  • had a glass of whisky after work
  • had a difficult life but never complained
  • looked after everyone with so much care, love and patience
  • cut out all my articles I wrote during my first job, and pasted them lovingly in scrapbooks (I still have them today)
  • wrote many of my Afrikaans school speeches (this once-kept secret is now out!)
  • was often very stoic, seldom asking for help
  • showed humility all the time
Max, know that you have one amazing and super-great great-granny. I feel privileged to have learnt from and been loved by her.



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  • Aunty Shira

    Thanks for this wonderful post. So loved reading this. Will read it out to the grandsons this evening who unfortunately do not have all these memories. I wish I could promise them that their kids will enjoy a granny like that, but not sure i can live up to it.


    November 16, 2012 at 6:36 pm Reply
  • denita

    Congrats to your Gran, and how wonderful to have had such a lovely Grandmother! Wishing her many more years. PS. My brother is also called Kevin 🙂

    November 19, 2012 at 8:32 pm Reply
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