“I want my iPad” and other things I’ve missed

September 14, 2012

Dear Max Pax

I’m sitting here with one training sessions before I come home. Yes, home for longer than two nights. I must say, that going to the loo solo, and enjoying a meal without having to get up every two minutes and sprint to find where you are, were fab.

But how I’m missed you. And as they say, you never quite know or appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone. Even the whining. Even the challenges. And how you’d have them back in a heartbeat. For example:

“I waaaaant ice cream cone” (at 6.30am)

“I want to go to shops. I want new truck” (said a day after new truck pruchase)

“I want the iPad” (late at night, when I’m trying to get you to sleep)

“I want mommy!” (said beyond the toilet door)

“It’s not a digger! It’s an excavator!

“It’s not a truck! It’s a grader”

“It’s funneeee” (said while pulling cat’s tail)

“I don’t wanna *insert a dozen options*

I’ve missed you and everything that comes with you, and I can’t wait to make you ice cream tomorrow morning, and read you however many books you want. And if I trip on that lone piece of Lego again, I’ll try not to curse.

See you soon,


Pictures courtesy Huggies and Huggies Momville

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1 Comment

  • Yashmiha

    ahhh precious!. Kivesh’s current fav whines…. “No no no tubbies, tubbies gone, bye school byeeee…. go shoooppping the ggglooppa!” …. Tubbies = teletubbies montessori ….. Gloppa = lollipops… so every morning we have the school is gone ., lets go shopping fight….

    September 14, 2012 at 1:01 pm Reply
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