Idols, rescue dogs and cupcakes – what the weekend was

August 27, 2012

Dear Max

I wasn’t sure my heart could grow any fonder for you, but after a few days in Cape Town it positively swelled. And we had a cool weekend and it’s over and I’m feeling a bit of teen sadness and angst. Like going out, having the best night ever, and having to go to school on Monday. Fortunately it’s not double period of home economics or Maths I’m starting with, but rather a wonderful group of journos.

Highlights of the weekend:

– Finding a cute nine-month old Dachshund to adopt from the SPCA. There were so many great pooches to choose from, but think this one will be a great match

– Going to the live Idols concert. I wasn’t expecting you to stay the whole time – it was late, loud and bright, but you held on for about half an hour. On another note, I’m not sure why the TV version of Idols is so kak compared with the live version which has great sound and fab performances.

– Shopping at Naartjie Kids (for you) and Country Road (for me)

– Riding around the Melrose Arch piazza on go-kart type bikes. Once again I showed that my feet are better firmly on the ground – kids an eighth of my age whizzed past, and were competent behind the wheel than I was.

– Adding some new Lego City books to your bookshelf. These books are a no brainer for you – each one either has diggers, farm equipment, planes, helicopters or cars.

– A lovely 10km race from Wanderers with me, your dad and Saul pushing you. I’m so proud of moments like these – testament to the wonderful child you are, and the special people in your life.

– Two catch-ups with friends at kiddie-friendly venues

– Johannesburg is in spring. If there is a time of the year that makes me fricking happy, it’s now.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend dude. I am figuratively carrying you and these memories around with me this week until I see you.


Our soon-to-be adopted pooch

Coolest T-shirt ever?

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  • blackhuff

    10k’s! Wow! Well done!

    August 27, 2012 at 2:34 pm Reply
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