A cool day I’m sorry I missed out on…

August 29, 2012

Dear Max

While I was in Cape Town last week for work, Nicki fetched you and took you to the zoo for a mostly boys’ day out. I am grateful that we have cool friends in our life who have our backs, and so happy you got to hang out with the cutest little dudes and dudette.

I worried that you’d dash away from Nicki (you’ve become a sprinter of late), that you wouldn’t have manners, or that you’d get whiney. But via Whatsapp, along with some great pics of you and the gang, Nicki reassured me that you were great, and only tried to bolt once.

Looking at the pictures made me proud, happy and sorry that I missed a day with you. I’m glad you’re independent, secure with others and the type of kid who doesn’t throw stones at animals, or tries to feed them, for example. Job well done, dude!


Here are some of Nicki’s pics:

Max and Max the gorilla

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