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August 3, 2012

Dear Max

I’m trying to round up all we’ve been up to, and what’s on my mind, so I thought I’d make this into an A-Z, and will call it the A-Z meme, for any other bloggers (particularly mommy ones) who are needing help with a blog title and theme.

So here goes:

A: Is for August! Holy crapola. I apologise in advance, but I’m going to be That Mother who comments each year about how remarkable it is that time is flying so fast.

B: Is for bathtime, not your favourite activity at me these days. You flit between enjoying it and loathing it, and this week wasn’t great. You scratched me quite hard on the hand when I bathed you, so deeply that I had to put on some Hello Kitty plasters, which was not the worst thing in the world. You did say sorry afterwards, and you patted my hand saying “feel better”. Good thing I have raised an apologetic scratcher 🙂

C: Is for Chomp. Your best chocolate.

D: Is for dosage – I regularly slip some Viral Choice and probiotics in your milk bottles. Once again, you remain healthy, and you no longer battle with constipation.

E: Is for extreme screaming, like when you want to wear your truck pants and there are 30 seconds between taking off the dirty pair and exchanging it for a clean pair.

F: Is for that word that shall not be mentioned here. I say it quite a lot, usually in moments of panic, excitement and rage. Fortunately you haven’t caught on. F*%$, sometimes my mouth needs to be washed with soap.

G: Is for gatvol and grumpy. I’ve been getting a bit irritated with social media, and its accompanying rantings and ravings.

H: Is for the humour in the smallest things. Like when you’re on my computer and you say you’re busy, or when you help clean up dog poop from the garden.

I: Is for ice cream, your teatime treat, preferably sprinkled with decorative hearts and stars. And you always insist on offering everyone in the house some ice cream too.

J: Is for jungle gym, your best piece of equipment at the park. You’re way more confident on it too, and no longer need help or reassurance when getting up, over and down.

K: Is for kilojoule-watching. I’m trying to stick to a balanced eating plan, and sometimes I’m way off – like the red velvet cake from Belle’s Patisserie on Sunday. It’s all or nothing with me sometimes…

L: Is the letter you sometimes can’t pronounce. So Luca becomes Muca and look becomes mook. I get such a kick out of hearing this that I often encourage you to say words with the letter “L”.

M: Is for multimedia training, what I’m doing at the moment. I am loving the work, but the downside is that I no longer get to see you bounding towards the playschool gate when I fetch you in the afternoons. I promise that will resume in October, dude.

N: Is for No. A word you don’t really like, but hear a lot of.

O: Is for online shopping, a bank balance-depleting but favourite activity of mine. My latest purchases have been from Mr Price, Naartjie, Takealot and Macaroon.

P: Is for Political Animals, a superb mini-series I’ve just started watching, once Shaun the Sheep has been turned off.

Q: Is for quiet time – you love chilling with your trucks and diggers and playing with them.

R: Is for reading. We’ve gotten ridden of the iPad before bed habit and we read around five books before you go to sleep. I thought you’d be a fun of the good ol favourites like anything from Dr Seuss and Julia Donaldson, but your fave is a rather insipid book about a boy who bakes a birthday cake for his birthday. You adore it, and that’s all that matters.

S: Is for Scoop. Your favourite character from Bob the Builder.

T: Is for Tanya. You sometimes call me by my first name – it’s too cute.

U: Is for ultra

V: Is for vegetables, your fave food. You particularly love pumpkin, tomatoes and carrots.

W: Is for whining. It’s not just you Max, it’s your life stage at the moment.

X: Is for X-Men. I’ve watched it on repeat about four times. It may or may not have something to do with Michael Fassbender.

Y: Is for yes. Something you also hear a lot of. You like this.

Z: Is for zebra, from Madagascar. (I’m clutching at straws here…)





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  • Cat@jugglingactoflife

    Oh I love this! Need to do it sometime agaimsoon

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