Jewish-mother haiku (and if you’re asking what haiku is, then read further)

July 24, 2012

Dear Max

One of my favourite forms of poetry is prose is haiku (made up of 17 syllables, and arranged in lines of 5-7-5). Maybe because I’m lazy, or maybe because I’m to the point that I love haiku, or perhaps I just like the way that less is more.

I have a book of cat haiku which is among the funniest and truest prose I’ve ever read, and another book of Zen haiku which is more challenging to understand, but as fantastic.

Here’s the first of my Dear Max haiku collection. Enjoy!

Jewish parenting

My son eats just one
Helping of pie. Time to serve
Up some Jewish guilt


I feel it’s fair to
Ask my son to wear a coat
When I’m freezing cold


You can only swim
Two hours after eating
Or else you’ll be ill


My biggest fear is
That there won’t be enough food
Oy vey. Oy gevuld


You sneezed? I told you
Not to play outside. It only
Leads to colds and flu


I don’t mind what you
Do. As long as you become
A doc or lawyer


Feature image via Smitten Kitchen

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  • paula125

    learnt something new today … it’s called – HAIKU 🙂 funny word, I like it

    July 25, 2012 at 9:56 pm Reply
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