I’m grateful that toddlers have short memories

July 27, 2012

Dear Max

This evening I lost my shit with you, and since you’re unlikely to remember (have I mentioned what a great stage you’re at?), let me explain.

I’m a bit fricking grumpy today. I had a great session training journos today, and then things started getting to me. Stomach cramps, a shortage of endorphins hanging around owing to no exercise today, and a visit to the doctor with Granny that left me feeling a bit sad and hopeless. But more about that another time – there’s a lot I still need to tell you about Granny, and explain why she is like she is.

And when we got home, I started getting even grumpier, and when it came to bathtime, you weren’t keen. And by “weren’t keen”, I mean you shouted and tried to claw at me and hit me while I bathed you. And then I shouted at you to shut up. And I’m so utterly sorry – this was not one of my finest parenting moments. In fact, each time I hear the word shutup I picture Jerry Springer and his guards trying to tear apart two jealous obese women who are shouting shutup at each other. It’s low.

Usually I’m much better at controlling my words, and I’m sorry I lost my load on you. You’re the last person who deserved it – you’re just a toddler who sometimes hates bathing and who is naturally egocentric for his age and stage. Fortunately, you have not only forgotten, but you’ve forgiven. Thank you dude. And we’re off to get sushi now. Because when you take a Jewish mom and add some guilt, you get treats and food.


How cute? You had just had a haircut at Hand – and there were no tears!

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