For every rotten seed, there’s a great one

July 16, 2012

Dear Max

On Saturday I went to a charity breakfast at The Hilton Hotel, organised by a group of women called the Third Thursday in aid of the Mthimkhulu Stimulation Centre for the Disabled in Soweto. Helen Zille was the speaker, and she blew me away with her humour, honesty, superb speaking and sharpness. There were prizes (I won a Camelot Spa voucher discount) and strong coffee, and a good turnout.

But a great event aside, it got me thinking once again about the kindness and time some people put into helping those who need it. Like the gals who make up the Third Thursday, a bookclub who are constantly raising money for the needy, and doing work themselves. Like Helen Zille, who spoke at the event for no charge. And like the people who came to support.

And for every kretin out there who leaves a bad mark on the world, I’m convinced that there’s another person doing good – giving, supporting and donating, holding out open hands instead of tight fisted ones. And asking “What can I give?” before saying “What can I take?”

Max, may you grow up giving as much as you can. I can’t promise rewards in return or good karma, but I promise that even in a small way, you’ll be adding a smile, meal or skill to someone who needs it. I remember as a child I once asked my dad how 10c of charity could help someone who needed so much more. And he said that my 10c, and someone’s else’s 10c, and another’s 20c went a long way. I hope I can teach you that by example too, and not simply with blog post requests.

Love ya,


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  • Cath

    I NEEDED to read this today T. Thank you X

    July 16, 2012 at 8:22 am Reply
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