A day of firsts – movie, popcorn and Slush Puppy

June 18, 2012

Dear Max

On the weekend we went to the movies. And by movies I mean we left the house, couch and remote to see the big-screen version of Madagascar 3 (or “Gascar” as you call it). You have loved 1 and 2, so I thought this would be a good choice for your First Big Movie Out.

Just like with your first theatre visit last week, I realised your first movie could have gone several ways, but I’m happy to report that you enjoyed it, and watched a whole 85% of it before getting a bit of cabin fever and running up and down the stairs and then running out the theatre. Each time you came by to our seats you exclaimed: “I’m back”.

So this is how it went:

– Sit down in seats, you reach for my popcorn (to be repeated x30)

– I try give you 3D glasses, but you exclaim a  more than firm “no”.

– I slip off my 3D glasses, realise how hazy the picture is without them, and try to encourage you to put yours on again. I’m met with the same reaction as above.

– You take my bottle of water, shout “water” and drink some and return it to me. I can only assume you backwashed a little of it. But hey, that’s what toddlers do.

– You stand on the seat for most of the movie, laugh a lot, and say “funneeee” a few times.

– I go and get a Slush Puppy and come back and give you some. You only take a sip, and give it back to me. I can assume that once again you’ve backwashed some. While watching Alex the Lion try to escape Captain DuBois in the movie, I marvel what an unusually unsweet tooth you have. Unlike your mom.

– You ask for the glasses and I’m hopeful that you too will see what I see. You put them on, and take them off after six seconds.

– The circus scene is when you start getting itchy feet and start running around. Eventually you leave the theatre, sprint around a bit, and insist on going back, allowing us to catch the last minute of a funny, feel-good and naturally happy-ending film.

It was a privilege to share another first with you, little dude, and to see a movie through your eyes. Excited for more, and while I’m happy to share popcorn with you, I might get you your own box from now on.


Patiently waiting


More patient waiting

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