I feel like I’m in the poo

March 30, 2012

Dear Max

I’ve blogged here a lot about my running, how I love Comrades and am aiming to run my 10th  this year, and now I find myself a little injured and a lot scared. I sprained my ankle on a run a few weeks ago, and then tried to run a marathon with it, hurting my other Achilles at the same time. I’ve running short distances, in a bit of pain, and I’m behind on mileage and marathons.

Part of me is happy not to be running that much or that hard these days, another part is fearful I won’t be anywhere near the green number tent on June 3. But if I’ve learnt anything, aside from how sore my current treatment and exercises are, it’s that it’s a smart idea to seek help when one is in pain.

One think that’s keeping my spirits up is that I’m trying to raise money for Starfish charity, which looks after thousands of children like you, except many of these kids don’t have children, and all of them have been affected HIV-Aids. This organisation tends to these children, many of whom line the streets of Comrades, cheering runners as they go past.

So I’m kindly asking readers of this blog to help donate to Starfish through Facebook – every cent goes towards Starfish, and no donation is too small. We Greathearts are aiming to raise R2 million for Starfish. If you’re keen to donate, you can do it via Facebook, a safe and quick process (I’ve done it three times for fellow Greathearts).

Steps to supporting a Greatheart;

i.            Click on this URL – www.facebook.com/starfishcharity

ii.            Like the page / group

iii.            Click on the Comrades Greathearts tab

iv.            Click either;

a.       Register as a Greatheart – if you are running Comrades

b.      Or support a Greatheart

v.            Select me or anyone else I don’t really mind.

vi.            Follow the simple on screen prompts

vii.            Know that you rock!!


Thank you readers (and sorry Max for usurping your space)



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  • Bronwynne

    Running is such a personal journey. It brings with it great joy but can sometimes bring huge anxiety, especially when you’re injured. I’ve been there. But I also know that I trust my body and I think that after 9 Two Oceans and Comrades races, your body knows what to do and what it’s capable of! Tweet me from the tent…
    ps: Starfish is an awesome initiative and I’d love to contribute! Will do so soon!

    March 30, 2012 at 4:38 pm Reply
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