If babies could vent on the internet, this is what they’d say…

December 21, 2011

Dear Max

I came across a really funny blog post on Momversation. Here is an extract from that blog post, written by Katherine Martin.

“Ah, the internet, a place to vent about anything. In the BabyCenter Community we vent. We vent about babies who don’t sleep, doctors who give bad advice, partners who do stupid things, picky eating, you name it. But the October 2011 Birth Club turned it around…what if babies had their own board to vent…
Some of my favorites:

1. “Mom put another one of those giant flowers on my head again today… ugh she’s lucky I love her.” – CarrisaDarren
2. “When will my mom stop with all the flashing lights in my face. I can only smile so many times before I’m tired of it!” – Lulukn
3. “It’s 3 a.m. And I know you just changed my stinky diaper but guess what im about to do?! Hahahaha” – chinche4jc004
4. “My mommy will not let me sleep. I fall to sleep at the boob and then she rudely throws me over her shoulder and hits me on the back to wake me up!” – jseek
5. “I just had to share that I figured out how to solve this tummy time problem. When your parents try to force you to lie on your tummy just roll over! It works great.” – Fablemaker

So Max, if I had to figure out what you might post online if you could, here it is:
“Why does my mom keep bribing me with ice cream? I don’t even like the stuff”
“Food tastes much better off my mom’s plate”
“I actually like the naughty corner. It gives me a chance to unwind and get some space”
“Why does my mom keep on taking my iPad to work with her? She doesn’t even say thank you”
“I love taking medicine. Because I’ve just learnt how to spit it out afterwards”
“When I smile while my mom is singing to me, I’m having a good giggle at her”

Readers, what would your kids say if they could?


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