Frickingtastic end-of-week observations

December 17, 2011

Dear Max Pax

Here’s what this week has shown…
– People love freebies. Especially digital stuff, like the Sony camera I gave away this week. What a great response I had
– I *need* to exercise daily these days. If not, I feel fricking awful
– A good haircut and colour can really make all the difference. I had a blissful two hours at Hand in Parkhurst this week, and I love my do…

I can't do two things at once, like smile AND take a pic of my new hair

– The SPCA Sandton is a warm and friendly place, and I think we *need* a new cat. I saw the most gorgeous white cat that took a place in my heart
– Some things don’t change. And sometimes it’s okay, other times not so much
– You have loved spending time with your Aunty Shira from Israel. And reading books with her

Love you dude

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  • shane

    You have had a busy week. Hope everything is going ok take care of you and max. xxx

    April 15, 2014 at 12:46 pm Reply
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