Cookies and cream, and other end of week observations

December 10, 2011

Dear Max

Some thoughts on this week…

– A Brazilian Keratin treatment is amazing. No more fricking frizz!

– Sometimes the best nights out include you, Haagen Dazs cookies and cream ice cream, and a book browse at Exclusive Books

– Da Vinci’s is a cool place to hang out (aside from all the flies, and the absence of chai tea on the menu). This week you had an awesome time with your friend Levi, and fortunately you were willing to say goodbye to the houses without tears or tantrums

– It’s sad when a magazine closes

– Overcast and rainy weather = Ugg boots

– Path is yet another fab distraction interaction on my phone

– A young dog can be taught old tricks too – Gina is doing brilliantly at dog training, and best of all, the lessons take place at home. Bonus!


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