My ten plus one

July 22, 2011

Dear Max

There’s nothing like something awesome and creative to end a crapola’ish week. Today it comes in the form of the very talented Lexie’s blog post today about my ten plus one favourite things on her blog Truthful Observations. I love it – thanks Lexie!!! One day I hope to have the smidgen of creativity you have…

I’m looking forward to this weekend – we have the whole day together tomorrow, and I’m excited to chill with you. I think a visit to the park where I can be a child again (while still watching that you don’t fall from the bars) is in order. On Sunday I’m doing my first hike in about 15 years, in preparation for the Otter Trail. Oh. Em. Gee. Am hoping i like it more than all the other times I’ve been hiking, and that my ass doesn’t make as much contact with the ground after all the falls.

I love you dude!

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  • cat@juggling act

    So how did the hike go? I love gummy sweets too.

    July 25, 2011 at 12:44 pm Reply
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