Good Friday

April 22, 2011

Dear Max

At the moment we’re in Cape Town (mom is running Two Oceans tomorrow!) and I just wanted to get a few pics and words down.

You flew well (aside from a big vom at the end of the flight) and settled in awesomely. All the Capetonians think you’re a girl though, despite the blue’ish clothing. Don’t take this as a bad thing – you are indeed handsome and have beautiful golden/blonde locks. We’re staying in a beautiful house in Camps Bay with mountain and sea right next to us.

Behind our house

Playing around on the top bunk bed

Today we went for a ride in Len’s Porsche, which you loved. So much so that you feel asleep, slumped on the teeny tiny backseat of this sports car. Please note that these pics were taken while the car was stationary (you did however cry real tears when you were strapped in).

Today we’re off to meet some Twitter mommy friends and their kids, and I’ve only met two of the moms before – the rest are new. I dig these women on Twitter, but it still feels like I’m on 30 blind dates (meeting their kids as well). After a really awesome running tweet-up last night, my expectations are high (and I can always tweet about it if it’s awkward). Will let you know how it goes, along with your first ever solo race – the 56m Two Oceans Nappy Dash. I’m so proud of you already…

Love Mom

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  • Sharon

    Souns like you’re having a great time!

    April 22, 2011 at 2:52 pm Reply
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