Ten things I love about you…

January 14, 2011

Dear Max

I know it’s not fair to *only* write down 10 things I heart about you, and it’s not like there are *only* 10 things I heart about you, but I do need to leave material for further blogs, plus 10 sounds a bit more glam than 545 or 1066, plus it’s Friday and things feel a bit more casual and laidback (I’m wearing pink and white Converse shoes, for example).

In no particular order:

* Your friendliness – you adore people, and this makes me so happy

* Your energy – you love roaming, running, scaling and moving (I sometimes don’t love this when I’m trying to drink my chai latte at a coffee shop, or check Facebook on the iPad, but I’m not complaining)

* The way you eat with your mouth closed – this astounds me. How can a 15-month-old instinctively know how to do this, yet many adults don’t?

* The way your reddish blonde curls flap up and down when your run – it is this hair that makes people think you’re not our child for we are dark-haired.

* The way you affectionately lunge at me and pull my hair, or hold my finger when you walk down the stairs – these touches make me soar.

* You dance to music – whether from the TV, a toy, radio or iPad.

* The way you intently examine toys (hello, Virgo!) and page through pages with focus and intensity.

* Your contentment – it not only makes being mom to you so much easier, but eases me that you are relaxed and happy.

* Your best-ever crowd-pleasing trick – clapping your hands when we say “clap hands” and laughing like you’ve just heard the greatest punchline ever.

* Your giggles when I tickle you – it melts me, and blots out any of the day’s woes/irritations.

* Your perfect chubby thighs – easy to pinch and blow kisses on, and the strength of your strides.

There are more, and I can’t wait to discover even more as we grow together.


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  • nickistormdadic

    You know … Luca is also the most well-mannered kid. Eats SPAGHETTI without so much as a slurp! Do you think that a mom’s utter disgust at revolting table manners get’s genetically infused before the child’s birth? I do … our party trick is catching water, squirted from squeaky bath toys, in our mouths 🙂

    January 14, 2011 at 1:16 pm Reply
  • MomAgain@40

    I think we should write down every so often the *hearts*, because it changes from month to month, no even from day to day!
    Lovely post!

    January 14, 2011 at 1:48 pm Reply
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