Funny Maxisms this week

January 19, 2011

Dear Max

Along with your rapid development and change come such cute anectodes and funny actions that I *need* to record them here. And in case some of them worry you and you think “How could my parents let me do that”, please know that no animals, parents or babies were hurt along the way.

Some of your cute moments this week included:
– Taking cans of food from the pantry and putting them in your toy shopping cart
– Taking two forks out of the drawer and gently poking at Rex
– Walking to the park – and I mean walking – and you playing in every water puddle you came across. You particularly liked the puddle at the park, and splashed water and dipped your whole body in the mud pool.
– Coming to Rex’s first puppy training course, and going around to all the dogs and patting them. The trainer was not only impressed with how calm I was, but how good-natured you were, and how you helped the puppies socialise with you. She said you are welcome to come to any of the lessons! Proud moment, plus Rex learnt how to sit! Let’s hope he has now learnt how to not shit in the house.
– Sharing food with Rex – for example giving him some of your fruit, him licking what’s in your hand and you carrying on eating it, and you eating half of his dog biscuit (I need to add here that I made these biscuits so I know what’s in them, and they’re actually quite healthy. Like human biscuits without the sugar, and with added parsley and mint for good breath).
– Watching Dad play Angry Birds on the iPad, then flinging yourself from one side of the bed to another. This may or may not be a reaction to the slinging of birds.

Have I also mentioned that you were overall cute and brilliant again? You’re the best.

Love Mom

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  • NickiD

    He is TOO cute 🙂
    And did you mean to say that “Rex learnt to sit”? x

    January 19, 2011 at 8:35 am Reply
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