Iron baby

December 13, 2010

Dear Max

Last night I stuck my finger in your mouth, a common practice to check what your tooth situation is (ie if they’ve grown, if any more have appeared). You don’t mind this too much, and in fact I think it gives you a bit of pleasure when you bite down on my finger with your chompers, leaving quite a strong imprint, and sometimes causing me to squeal a bit in pain. You don’t mean to harm me, I guess it’s just like playing with a toy or discovering something new. Sometimes you’ve even woken Dad and me up while trying to get a few precious minutes of sleep in by clamping your jaws on our fingers. It’s quite cute, and you dig it.

Anyway, so after doing the customary mouth check, I found a new tooth. Where was I when this happened? What didn’t you say/cry/squeal anything? I’ve been building myself up for traumatic (for us, but particularly for you) process of teething, and you go and cut one silently and stoically. Next thing I know you’ll be waiting up for the tooth fairy or getting braces without telling me! A while ago I even posted a question on the Living and Loving forum, and Facebook profile page, asking what moms’ best tried-and-tested teething remedies are, and made notes. I went out and bought all The Right Stuff to ease your teething woes, and I’m yet to open it all, and that’s five teeth later.

You’re a strong little dude, and I know this might sound weird, but I could sense it all along, even when I was pregnant with you. I had a feeling that you were an old soul with a strong spirit and body. We see it when sometimes you fall and we anticipate huge tears, and you just laugh, or walk on to the next activity.

As strong as you are, you know too that it’s *okay* to cry and feel pain, and we feel yours too to a lesser extent, especially when I leave for work and your tears crush my heart for a few hard minutes. We are here for you with comfort, compassion, meds, plasters, treats – always.

Love you,

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