Bubbly and braais

December 31, 2010

Dear Max

Today is the last day of the year, which means tonight is traditionally a time to party to welcome in the new year. I look forward to this evening less than I do a visit to the dentist, or getting up in front of a big crowd for a spot of public speaking. I dislike New Year’s Eve. A lot, and I’d rather clean up 10 20 of Rex’s poos off the carpet than be forced to celebrate with lots of people. And it’s not that I’m negative about the new year, or am dreading it – I’m actually excited and optimistic about 2011. Rather, New Year’s Eve is often a time of frenetic last-minute plans, drunks, and extreme pressure to do something cool, have fun and count down to 2011 in the most jovial way.

Over the years, on New Year’s Eve, I’ve, in no particular order:
– awkwardly hugged strangers
– left parties early to avoid the awkward hugs and kisses
– had shoe polish smeared on my face
– been stranded without a way home
– been too drunk and sick to make it to the new year
– stood awkwardly while all as a singleton, all my friends snogged their boyfriends at midnight
– been vomited on
– experienced a leak in the ceiling causing us to abandon ship and miss the turn of the year
– fallen asleep early because I was too depressed to stay awake until 12am because I wasn’t having The Time Of My Life.

My best New Year’s Eves have been spent at home with Dad, with some bubbly and a braai (and perhaps an attempt to beat my Boggle-for-iPad score), with no pressure to do anything/hug anyone/be the picture of happiness/stay awake until 12am! And even though most people now assume we stay in because of you, and because we don’t have a babysitter, it’s actually how we roll these days.

And tomorrow morning, we’ll hopefully wake up with a spring in our step (that is, if Rex hasn’t eaten another of your toys or caused more carnage in the house), and go for a run, with you in the jogger. And that, for us, is a good beginning.

Yours in at-home celebrations

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  • nickistormdadic


    The only new years eve “parties” that are ever “fun” are the totally spontaneous ones. Every other time that a party has been planned, its gone wrong, turned sour due to excessive drinking in order to become more jovial or just sucked beyond all recognition from the word go.
    Last new years was great: Luca and I were in Ludlow in the UK, ringing in 2010 with my Gran, sister and sister’s boyfriend, with cheap box-wine and VERY full tummies. I actually didn’t even get to the end of the countdown – I fell soundly asleep in my Gran’s electric recliner … it was heavenly.

    Tonight I’m being dragged , kicking and screaming, to a house-party a couple of blocks from home. The pros, thank goodness, are that we don’t have to drive/worry about stupid drunk-drivers on the road and that if I get tired/bored/irritable, I can simply walk home and climb into my big, comfy bed. Hurrah!

    Have a great night at home with your boys and all of the very best for 2011 x

    December 31, 2010 at 8:27 am Reply
  • nickistormdadic

    PS: Get Pictureka for your iPad … I’ve got it on my iPhone and am SERIOUSLY addicted 🙂 The sound effects will make Max giggle too!

    December 31, 2010 at 8:29 am Reply
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